Redesign Greece!

Seeing my country on the verge of bankruptcy, hurts…

But it is not a surprise, after the long mismanagement and  corruption in the country. Now,  raptors thirsty for blood (call me speculators) fly over the dead body of Greece and make the decay even faster. To reduce its deficit, the Greek government (after   E.U’s persistent demands) has enforced new austerity measures raising taxes and cutting back wages. Necessary measures, I suppose, but mere measures without any vision ahead. Greeks, and especially young people, have to live with a dark cloud hovering over their heads and no way-out exits ahead… Nevertheless, Greeks have to be optimistic to keep going…

After watching a talk by Ezio Manzini, I learnt that in Chinese the word crisis:

entails two meanings, danger and chance:

We are always reminded of the first one by our media and politicians, who can only see the present. But chance requires foresight, something that designers are very well trained to do….design the future, design the next day! And this is where we have to focus. Be creative and look for new solutions that can change the lifestyle and attitude of the Greeks for the better. It’s time to change one and forever obsolete, pseudo-modernistic ideas, where a car is the only status for a Greek, who  drives with it, everywhere (+ the bigger the car, the merrier). Xenophobic, disgusting ideas which suggest that a bus is only for the immigrants…and more deep rooted, ill-treated attitudes, which i would like not to mention for now….

In short, it’s time to REDESIGN GREECE!

Be creative and apply new ideas that Greeks are more likely to adopt now that their pockets are empty. Bikes, car-pooling/sharing, the re-use of public space,  public activities, are only some ideas coming into my mind, now that I’m typing these few lines…I’m sure you can come up, with better and bigger ideas that can really make a change!


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