Please rob me!

I was chatting, some time ago, with two friends about the perils of social networking and the worrying fact that people do not fully comprehend the new reality that has emerged. Once, you only had to pull your curtains to secure your privacy at home, but times have changed and not only you have to be constantly aware of the messages you transmit, but also click tens of boxes at your privacy settings hoping it will do the job. is a provocative idea, developed by team Forthehack, to make people a bit more aware of the information they expose when they use services like Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz etc. By just dressing up Twitter search page, Pleaserobme invites potential robbers to look for  “new opportunities” aka. empty homes!

Dead simple and smart idea! It’s time all these social networking companies, to bear their responsibilities and start educating people, making them more aware of the new reality. I heard Mozilla is already taking some initiatives…


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