Why a web experience on TV is wrong…

Reading  Fastcompany’s article about Litl, I’m trying to figure out how Litl won’t be a FAILED project…and seriously I don’t see any reason why Litl shouldn’t fail, when it’s based on fault assumptions…The CEO of Litl, John Chuang states “What we really want to deliver is an excellent Web experience on TV, which doesn’t exist yet.”

But Mr. Chuang or Litl’s designers have you ever been to people’s living-rooms to see how they watch TV or browse the internet? Lying on the couch, watching TV while at the same time some family members browse the web with their laptops on the lap, or with a smart-phone on the hand. And the reason is -apart from the boring sitcoms that lead to multitasking- that browsing the internet, chatting and using Facebook are private experiences.  On a Monday evening,  15 year old Kate might want to sent goodnight kisses to her boyfriend from MSN, 13 year old John might want to check out his crops in Farmville while the father is reading the news on his i-phone, and the mother might be the only one really watching Dexter…

Now, social web-apps and web-games to play on TV is another issue, but they still cancel TV instead of complementing it. I’m afraid Mr. Chuang got it all wrong…But good luck anyway!


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