“Branding as usual” Vs. “Brand Driven Innovation”: 2

I’m glad to see Eric Roscam’s book, Brand Driven Innovation, coming out. Eric together with Jan Buijs were one of the most inspiring, influential and energetic professors I had during my studies in TUDelft.

Coming from an engineering background, I had always been very skeptical with marketeers and especially with brand managers. Branding was something evil in my mind; it had the power to turn people into consumers! I was really scared of it, and tried to avoid it…. However, Eric & Jan came across my way with their courses on “Brand Design Strategy” and “Product Design Strategy” and they really changed my view on it.

Approaching Branding from a design perspective instead of a marketing one, the focus is switched to people again. A human centred approach calls for understanding the people’s needs and incentives, and looking for ways to meet them. In this way organizations don’t try to fool people with fake promises, but instead to fulfill these promises and be true to their customers.

Suddenly, Eric & Jan infused a kind of morality into branding like Naomi Klein did with “No Logo” making it in this way cool! Branding is not evil at all in the end. By using Design Thinking as a glue -as Eric states- a synergy between branding and innovation can be created. Design can turn a vision into value and connect organisations to users.

p.s Thank you Eric & Jan!


One response to ““Branding as usual” Vs. “Brand Driven Innovation”: 2

  1. thanks loucas! you make me blush :-). I’m proud to have inspired you!

    cheers and keep up the blogging!


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