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What is gonna be the future of photography?

Watching the incredible slow motion replays during the World Cup 2010, makes you wonder how photography will look like in a couple of years?

The ultra-slow motion cameras that are used in the tournament can shoot action at more than 1 million frames per second, compared with about 30 frames per second in a regular camera, providing a smoother, more detailed slow-motion picture (source). As a result, the viewers can live like never before the passion of the game by watching the agony in the player’s face, “feeling” the power of a tackling, and “living” the joy of a goal scored. Sometimes, the replays are so good that can remind a picture by  Robert Capa

This makes you think  that photography as we know it is probably gonna change… Photo cameras might become specialized video devices that can take a “picture” of a couple of seconds with much more  frames per second. Photo cameras might  look like more Flip Video or cell phones than today’s DSLRs…The user will only have to take a short video, and then in ultra-slow motion select the moment of the picture s/he wants to capture, crop the frame and that’s it! Photography might become video editing…